Another Hot Sunny Day. Nice!

But I didn’t get a whole lot done. Watered the garden and went for walks is about it. Hell, I didn’t even get the bed made until 1515 or so!


It is nice and hot outside. Which is part of the lazy problem I’m having today. But almost too hot to lay out. I just don’t feel like doing anything. Which means I ought to get off my ass. Yep, ought to.

Damn! Hate Seeing An Ass Like This Covered!

So I got off my fat lazy old ass and worked on the basement some. Starting to be able to move around down there! SWMBO’s Son is going to be really unhappy with me though. I told him three times now over the past 6-7 months to move his crap out of the one corner into the other one so I could put my “shop” back together; and it still ain’t done. So, since he contributes absolutely nothing to his household, I’m going to give him two (2) weeks to have all his shit out and into a storage place. At his cost. It is his stuff.


So, guess I’ll be creating more hate and discontent around here for awhile. Ah well. I’m sick of being ignored.

Anywho, just got back from picking SWMBO up and it’s about time to shut down for the evening.

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