Another Lovely Hot Day!

I could get used to this “summer” thing! It is nice out! The Dog and I have already taken off all our clothes and gone for a couple of walks around the back 40. Nice.


Did have to get dressed and take SWMBO’s mower over to my friends house where he fixed the thingamajig on the bottom. Gave me a nice little weed-whacker too. Which I already used on the front lawn. And we watered the garden. Then went for another walk.

Spent a lot of time on the phone trying to get my two cardio appointments. Turns out I wasn’t supposed to get an outside consult for the Echocardiogram. People that messed up the paperwork just weren’t paying attention or something. I’m supposed to get a consult for the “Halter.” So, made an appointment for the Echocardiogram at the Naval hospital and have to wait on the paperwork for the Halter thingie.

Also made an appointment for the Dog to get a bath & haircut for a week from Friday. He is damned near unrecognizable when he gets sheared to the skin. But lots cooler. And cleaner.


Not much else going on. Think I’ll go lay out until time to pick SWMBO up. (She is absolutely sweltering in this Wx!)

Oh, in the garden: We Got Peas! Lots of them. And one tomato. Cool!

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