Hot, But Ultimately SSDD, Tuesday.

Just not much else to add to that. However, I did brave the mid-day heat, took off all my clothes, got the weed whacker mower (The Mower), and mowed the path we usually walk around the back of the property. And I got only 45,67,38,76,569 new mosquito bites! But the path looks good and shouldn’t trip up that fat, old, guy that walks around back there when the Wx is nice.


Just the “usual” chores mostly. Did WD40 SWMBO’s garage door because she sent me a text that she had trouble with it this morning. Didn’t tell me what kind of trouble; just that she had trouble with it. So I ran it up and down and up and down and up and down and it worked just fine. I have the feeling something fell across that little “keep open” light at the bottom but just don’t know.  Maybe she’ll give me a bit more information about it when she gets home tonight. Maybe not.

And, yeah, again I went to check mail and forgot that I wasn’t wearing anything about half way there. Sometimes I really worry about my mind! Sometimes I just really enjoy the Wx! Just hope I never head off to Safeway naked. (Not that I would really mind but the “Checker” might freak!)

The 1845 sailing of the Ferry from Seattle to Bremerton is cancelled due to earlier delays along the route. Nice of the Ferry Service to fuck over everyone that usually sails on the 1845 Ferry because they can’t keep their shit together.

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