How Many Ways Can I Say “SSDD?”

And it was. Oh my goodness, it was. Nice and warm though. Finally got sunny around 1300 or so. Went down and watered the garden. Dog and I took off all our clothes and went for a couple of walks. Watered the front yard.

Zebra Stripped Dragonflies We Have Around Here.

Did my “usual” chores and some more laundry. Par-boiled (?) the peas I picked yesterday (and SWMBO “shucked”) and have those out drying before I stick them in the freezer. Once frozen I’ll put a dinner’s worth in sandwich bags and back into the freezer. I need to get down there and pick some more peas also. Maybe later.


Not much else going on. Eleventh Doctor Marathon. Gonna go online and check out how to make/cut my own “e-juice” and if it would really be cheaper than the Vape Shop. Mount Baker Vapor seems to have pretty good prices.

Looking around for a Nexus 10” tablet for SWMBO. She is really NOT happy with that Toshiba tablet she has. Well, yeah. It’s Windows 8 and it always want to do that “repair/rebuild” thing about every 8 days. Gets annoying.


Wish they’d bring River Song back on Doctor Who. I liked her.

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