I Am Too Embarrassed To Post Today.

I have done absolutely nothing  but make the bed and get my coffee ready for tomorrow. Otherwise just been watching “Jaws” and “The Making of Jaws” and reading political shit online. Or watching the news. Well, what they call News around here.


And I can’t even tell you why I was so damned lazy today. It was half-assed raining most of the day? It was but that’s no excuse with all the inside things I have to do. Hell, I didn’t even walk my mile today! That’s lazy when you don’t even feel like walking a mile “for your health.”

I just didn’t feel like doing anything. Yeah, it could be the depression kicking back in. Don’t really think so though. I haven’t noticed any of the other “precursors” (like when I know I’m going to get a migraine) that I have noticed before. Hmmm. Just didn’t feel like doing anything that required a lot of concentration, I think.


Which is why I perused the Political posts online. Really doesn’t require a lot of focus to follow what people are bitching about but doing nothing about. Some I agree with. Some I don’t. Well, most I don’t. You don’t want to get me started. (Or check out Redneck Mormon on WordPress if you do. I’ll leave that up to you.)

The 12th Doctor! August!

And that’s pretty much it. Things are “as usual.” So I’m going to do the “usual.” Go figure!

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