That’s BassAckwards!

Been taking my Blood Pressure a couple times a day for the past few days. Found my Blood Pressure is normal after I exercise. If I walk my mile, or mow the lawn, or some other physical work, my BP is in the normal range. Strange. Seems like it would be up. Another thing to pass on to my Doctor.


So, mowed the back yard today. Went over it once then lowered the cutter and went over it again. Then I did the front yard the same. Raked some of the rocks into a pile to get them out of the way so I can ride the mower there. Thinking of putting the rocks around the base of the trees to help keep them clear.

Then I soaked the Dog in a bucket and kinda sorta rinsed him off trying to get some of the dog shit unstuck from his ass. His haircut/bath appointment is this Friday. He stinketh! But he really needs his summer haircut anyway.


Not much else going on. Did a few walks around the property. Watered the garden. Oh, then took the weed whacker to the garden paths. Forgot: made a run to the auto parts place in town for some tire sealant. Stopped and put gas in the gas can so I could fill the mower.


And now it’s about time to put some clothes on and go pick SWMBO up. Wish I didn’t have to put clothes on to do that; but if the truck broke down I’d be in a world of shit!

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