Free! Finally Free!

Of that damned heart monitor. The 48 hours ran out a few minutes ago, it shut itself down, and I got everything unstuck from me with very little pain or lost skin. Cool! I’ll turn it in tomorrow morning; since I really don’t want to put up with afternoon traffic nor do I feel like making two trips to Bremerton today.


Still getting over the headache I had last night to about 0930 this morning. I hate having a migraine! Tried freezing my head last night but it only worked enough to let me get to sleep. Then I re-froze it this morning and it mostly worked. Of course I still have that post-migraine blah feeling and my head is still almost hurting. That’ll go away soon. I hope.


Just not much going on otherwise. Got out and raked some more gravel from the edges of the driveway towards the center. Bill (AE7GC) came over and got the antenna I donated to the newbie. (Why the Newbie didn’t come over with him I don’t know and didn’t ask.) Pounded a post in to hold the 2-meter antenna for when I move back into “my” room. Par-boiled the cauliflower I picked yesterday and it’s freezing now. Did some of my “usual” chores. Sat out in the sun for a few.


Spent a couple of hours online looking for places to go “camping” when we next get time and inclination to go. Lots of places that are fairly easy drives. I’m really getting this go camping, go see the National Parks, bug!

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