Wx Sure Cooled Off

Had to take SWMBO in to the Ferry Landing this morning (her Son is on vacation in Los Angeles) and it was actually misting for most of the trip.That sucks even if we need a bit of moisture around here.


Traffic sucked too. Not so much going there, but coming back I got caught in the left turn traffic for PSNS. Took almost 15 minutes to go a block! So I know for next time to take a different route through Bremerton. That’ll be next Tuesday.

Not much going on; it’s still early. Made my daily post to Redneck Mormon, showered, and am about to get my usual bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios with a handful of crushed walnuts that I eat for breakfast.

Spent a couple of hours “scanning” SWMBO’s negatives. Turn out pretty good until it gets too bright in here. Trying to rig up a “shade” thingie so the negative doesn’t pick up my reflection. But it gets in the way of easily changing negatives.


SWMBO took the later ferry tonight but she’s home safe and sound. I’m about to go to bed. Probably the shortest post I’ve ever made.

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