It’s Zero-Dark-Thirty Sept 11th

And I’m up, as usual. News is on but it doesn’t seem anything has happened, yet. Am I the only one that expects another attack on 9/11? They showed part of the “Remembering 9/11” Ceremony. Someone was (badly) singing the National Anthem, everyone in uniform was saluting the flag going by, Obama and his wife were walking.


Meanwhile, we have a “Red Flag Warning” (Fire Danger) from the NWS with gusty east winds (25-40 mph) coming at us today. Meaning Y’all Be Careful! If a fire got started it’ll run before the wind. Better make sure everything’s tied down. Supposed to get warmer over the next few days here (low 80’s), but the Central Plains are expecting a (really) cold front to move through.

Tried Honey in my coffee today instead of sugar. Yeah, I know the heat kills the honey, but I’m looking to sweeten my coffee without using sugar. Can’t stand that fake sugar shit; leaves a tingly sensation in the back of my throat.


MMmmm. Spam Spread & Crackers for a lunch snack! Life is good. Making meatloaf later so life will be better. (I make a pretty good meatloaf.)

Nice and Sunny and fairly warm (70 degrees right now) so I’ve been outside as much as possible. Folded the tent trailer up for Winter. Swapped the coax on my 6btv antenna for some thicker/better coax. Watered the garden and picked today’s haul (maters & 1 green pepper). Inside I’ve been scanning Genealogical Helpers and my usual chores.


So, instead of meatloaf for dinner I’m experimenting. Made beef stuffed cabbage rolls instead. One pan is made exactly by the recipe book. The other has Mexican style maters spread over the top because I couldn’t find another can of condensed tomato soup. AND I have to make instant mashed potato’s cause we’re out of real potato’s. Since the meat mix is wrapped in cabbage I don’t figure I need another veggie. Hope they both turn out. (Did. Good. Tasty.)

And that’s about it. Some folks followed SWMBO home to give us a guesstimate on finishing the taping & pasting. $200. I can live with that. They’ll start Saturday. Cool!

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