Kind Of A Busy Saturday.

Started with me getting up at 0600. Yep, got up at 0600 on a Saturday. How cruel. But, had a MCARC meeting in Shelton to be to by 0830 so had to get up early. Drive there and back were nice. Stopped at a couple of places on the way back to take some pictures with the new camera.


Got home in time for the people that were going to tape & paste to get here. They worked at it most of the day and I was right there with them. So I didn’t get to be outside on this amazingly warm sunny day. (Aarrgh!) But, they got the job done by 1800, and done to my satisfaction (good job) so it was worth the $200 to me.

Spent some time preparing tomato’s to be canned. Oh Joy!

Stars From Last Night.

SWMBO took me to the fancy restaurant that opened here in Belfair. This was giving them their 2nd chance to impress us since they didn’t the first time we were there. And they didn’t do it again. Had to find someone to sit us. Then we didn’t find anything interesting on the menu. Lot’s of fancy-smansy meals at way too pricey. Candied Bacon? So we got up and walked out. She too me to Casper’s Pizza & BBQ. Much better! Real food! (I had the salad bar, chili with corn bread).


Made our usual Safeway stop then on home. Started wiping everything down trying to get the paste dust off. Stopped to watch “20-Million Miles To Earth.” The colorized version. Mixed feelings there. The classic is Black & White. The colorized version is okay, but, they never get skin tones right. Everyone was the same color.

And that’s pretty much it.

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