Not A Bad Saturday!

Meaning it went pretty much as usual. Was nice and sunny and hot so I spent as much time as I could outside. Ate way too many blackberries. Watered the garden and picked today’s bounty. Brussels Sprouts are coming along nicely!


Danged guy that was supposed to come over this morning and start the taping & pasting sent me a message @ 0630 that he wouldn’t make it. Still no reply to “Well, when can you make it?” question I shot back. If I have to send another message it’ll be “Never mind. I’ll find somebody that wants to do the job and get paid.”


SWMBO got home from the Genealogy Library about 1530 and took me to Qdoba’s for dinner before we went and spent way too much money at COSTCO.  Got me some “fish fingers” and she got herself a 32 Gig  MicroSD card for her tablet. (Which I’ve already installed and moved things to.)

So, dinner was great mostly because of the company. Walking around COSTCO was pretty cool mostly because of the company. And just riding around was nice because of the company.


My day has pretty much been made! Now for Doctor Who-244-Robot of Sherwood.

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