Sunny And HOT Friday! NEAT!

Tomorrow Night!

It’s too early right now to even think. 0530 and counting. Wx Lady (MJ) says it’ll be 83 or so in Seattle today. Which means almost 90 here. Nice. Won’t be able to stay “unclothed” the entire day cause I need to make a run to Allyn. Thinking about making a Safeway run for chili makin’s too. But, other than those errands, I’m determined to enjoy the final days of summer.

And the rest of my day went as they usually do. Except SWMBO texted me to pick her up because her son was stuck in traffic in Tacoma. So I did. She had me take her to Jo Ann’s in Port Orchard so I spent some hard earned bucks at the Dollar Store.

And that’s really about it. Didn’t do anything unusual (except put clothes on to go check mail).

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