Busy Day. Traveling Day.

Just getting things done around the house. All the usual.

Picked up a friend and we went over to another friend’s whose giving me an above-ground pool that he’s not using. Almost brand new and in great condition but he wants it gone cause his grandkids aren’t using it. I’ll take it. Will come in handy if we have another summer like the last one.


Then I had to go on into Shelton to renew my driver’s license. Damned thing expired last June and I didn’t notice it. They charge me an extra $1 for renewing late. And now that’s done for the next 6 years.

Took my friend back to his house and came on home. Playing in the truck trying to learn how things work. Programmed the built-in garage door opener to open both our garage doors. (Separate buttons for separate doors, of course. Wouldn’t do for both doors to open/close all the time.)

Trying to track down paperwork the Navy Federal Credit Union wants before they’ll release the funds for the truck. SWMBO will help me find all that when she gets home tonight and I’ll turn it in tomorrow. Along with a copy of my new license.

I really like this truck. Rides smoooooootttthhhh. My friend has offered to sell me his Tent-Trailer for $2k; which seems like a good deal. It’s a 1998 Coleman Casa Grande that is in really good shape. I know; we’ve used it on a trip. Yep, just looking around  online and found the same unit for $9200. Most of these I can find “for sale-used” go from $2600 up. Hmmm.


And, hey, I did get the new truck in the garage and the garage door closed. Very, very tight fit. But it fits. I won’t have to park outside this winter!

MCARC 2-meter Wednesday Chat Net went well.

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