No Rest At All Last Night!

Woke up at 0245 with a headache so bad I had to freeze my brain. Man, that hurt. I don’t know what I did differently yesterday evening to bring on a real pounder; I usually watch for and avoid “triggers” that I know will cause a headache. Hell, it could be my reaction to rain moving back in. (As I really do think my head is sensitive to barometric changes.) So I didn’t get up at my usual time and missed my morning smooch from my schweetie.
vlcsnap-00008The only things I can figure that I did, that I don’t usually do, was use my laptop (screen refresh rate?) and consume a “sour patch” gummy bear (which is like pouring straight UN-sweetened kool-aid into your mouth). I can give up the gummy bears.
salma_hayek_gifSo, may day was pretty much shot because of the post-headache “Who Gives A Shit” attitude I get after a really bad one. It’s actually not that I don’t give a shit, I’m unable to work up enough  caring to give a shit. You’ve heard of “The Blah’s?” Yep.
oneDid manage to get my usual chores done. Burned a bit of the trash. Made rice krispie treats for SWMBO. Unhooked my antenna’s when the downpour started. Reattached them when it stopped.

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