sólo otro SSDD Martes

Well, so far this Tuesday has been the Tuesday of the week. I’d say SSDD, but saying SSDD is pretty SSDD around here. просто еще один SSDD вторник. Zhǐshì lìng yīgè SSDD xīngqí’èr. 只是另一个SSDD星期二. No matter what language you say it in, it’s still SSDD.


Listening to the radio while cleaning up around here. Heard a guy from England talk for awhile trying to make a contact with Nevada to complete his WAS. Even when he called for Nevada people from other places would contact him. He was gracious about it. An 11 year old girl was making lots of contacts and sounded cute “talking on the radio.” We need more young people in the hobby.

Finally cleaning the damned fridge out; something was beginning to make it’s own gravy in there. Getting rid of the last lot of tomato’s I picked over the past few days. Gone over or just not “right” to me. I don’t really care about blemishes; I can cut those out. Some have discolored patches almost like bruises but the mater feels firm. I don’t know. It’s now too cool for anything else to ripen so I’m about to take the garden apart for the year. Will harvest the Brussels sprouts though and save what I can of those.

In Like Flint Opening Credits

So I did a load of tomato’s while playing with PSK31 on the radio. Didn’t make any contacts but wanted to see where my signal was being heard. Pretty much West Coast and over to New York area. Nothing in the South East that showed up.

MCARC 10-meter Chat Net went well with only 4 of us. I heard 2 of the others and everyone heard me. Ah well.

And, of course, it’s already clouding over so I probably won’t be able to see the Eclipse tonight. Again. I finally just packed away my telescope; it’s damned near useless up here. One of these days…


And that’s pretty much it. Pretty boring, I know. But that’s the life I lead. At least I don’t cover it in the minute details.

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