I Know I Didn’t Post Yesterday

Was kind of tired after getting home from picking up the swimming pool a friend gave us and decided to just “vegetate” the rest of the evening. Got home from picking the pool up and just dumped it in the back back yard. I’ll deal with setting it up this next summer.

fsx 2014-11-14 20-59-21-62

So, I spent the evening trying different “fixes” to MSFSX and playing with that. I do enjoy flying/landing different aircraft. Also tried installing new/different scenery files and getting those to work. One of these days I ought to post all the planes and stuff I have…

SWMBO went off to the Genealogy Library, as usual for Saturday, so I was “stuck” at home doing my usual. Did play with MSFSX for awhile. Got my usual chores done. You know, the usual.

She took me to Red Robin for dinner and we walked the Mall. She bought some smelly stuff at some bath & body stuff shop. I managed to stop by the Vape shop on the way to the Mall so I was good. Saw some nice Doctor Who stuff in a toy store though. Didn’t really want the Mr. Potato Head Doctor Who though.

fsx 2014-11-14 21-02-15-01

Made our usual stop by Safeway on the way home. Everything is put away and it’s time to just chill out for the rest of the night.

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