Ah, Yes. Sunday.

Which means, other than if being a totally SSDD type of day, that I have to count out my medication to that little “weekly” box so I don’t forget to take the damned things. You know you’re getting old when you have to sort your meds by day and put them in a little box with the day written on them, so you don’t forget to take something that may KEEP YOU ALIVE if you take them on time. And my memory is shot.


Not to mention that I’m old enough, and in such a condition, that I have so many meds to take anyway. Cholesterol med, weak aspirin, BP Meds (which may or may not be working), and that med that makes my heart beat regular. That’s quite enough for me, thank you. At least I’m not taking 8-15 pills daily like some of my friends and family. Guess I have that to look forward to.


Not much going on. Regular SSDD Sunday. We had our left-overs from El Sombrero for dinner tonight so neither of us had to actually cook. I’m still getting my usual Sunday chores done but shouldn’t be at that too much longer. MCARC 2-meter Chat Net coming up in a couple of hours.

Dang. We’re under another Flood Watch from Monday evening through Tuesday. Looks like it’s going to rain all week. Bummer.


Net went well. Not as many check-ins as last week but still respectable. And that’s pretty much it for tonight. I lead a boring life. Really.

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