Nice Christmas. At Home. Always Good.

Had trouble sleeping last night and kept waking up about every hour or so. Other than that day started out pretty normal. Up early. Started “It’s A Good Life” and just kind of chilled until SWMBO got up.

My New Tool Box! Cool!

Exchanged presents. She got me a tool box for my truck! Cool! Let it set in the library for awhile then put it in the truck. Looks smaller in the back of the truck. Really. Huge thing that it is.

She liked her card to Jo Ann’s Fabric’s; but I knew she would. Her Son gave me a Best Buy Gift Card for $100. Cool. Unexpected. He seemed to enjoy the Xbox game I got him.

SWMBO has been making lunch most all morning. Smells great. And the odors coming from the kitchen smell pretty good too! Ham and the fixin’s. Yummy!


And lunch/dinner was yummy! I’m stuffed. To work off all that food I installed the wall mount I got for my monitor and hung the monitor on it. Looks good. Working good. Nice having some free desk space below the monitor. Why didn’t I do this earlier?!

Not much else going on. SWMBO’s Son went off to pick up his girlfriend to bring her over to watch “Scrooged” and “White Christmas.” SWMBO is just chillin’. I’m just chillin’. Snacking on the ham every time I walk by it. Got most all the dishes done though.

Oh. Through all my on-line research today, it seems that my particular motherboard will not drive both the onboard vga/hdmi and my video card. One or the other but nare the twain shall meet. Or display. So, I either have to do without HDMI or get a new video card. The new video card I want costs in excess of $400 minimum.

Looks Lots Smaller In The Truck

So I have the new tv hooked to the vga port on the laptop and am able to watch our movies and stuff through it. That’ll soon get old cause I don’t have external speakers hooked up to the laptop. Sound sucks. Good enough for Ham Radio stuff but not quite good enough for video. Ah well.

And I think that’ll be it for tonight. I get to take SWMBO to the Ferry Landing tomorrow so I’m going to try to get to bed a bit early tonight. I like being actually awake when I drive her places.

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