Nother Really Wet Day Out. Stayed In.

Yesterday. What the hell did I do yesterday? Oh, yeah. Went to Home Depot and spent too much money on 2X4’s, a LED Light, and paint. Would have bought the counter tops but I’m just not quite ready for them. Anywho, by the time I quit working in my room yesterday, and all the other stuff I do, I was too  tired when it came time to go to bed to post.


Today I had to make a run to Walmart, where I spent too much money, to get SWMBO a Queen sized, White, Flat sheet. They’s spendy. And I bought a thing to hold my phone in the truck. Just been doing my regular stuff and taping off stuff in my room getting it ready to paint. Probably tomorrow or Thursday.

Of course, that kinda sorta depends on if we still have power or not; what with the storm that’s supposed to be moving in. Supposed to be lots of wind. And rain, of course. Wouldn’t be a WaRshington storm without rain.


Went out and loosened my new antenna in case it does get real windy. Back yard is already pretty much flooded. Real squishy walking out there.


MCARC 10-meter Tuesday Evening Chat Net went well. Heard everyone but KC7WNJ; whom I never hear.

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