Really Raining Out There Sometimes!

Old Sci-Fi Movie Day running in the background while I continue working on getting my radio/computer room back into shape.

  • Beast From 20 Thousand Fathoms
  • Beginning Of The End
  • The Deadly Mantis
  • Earth VS The Flying Saucers (Need to fix)
  • Flight To Mars
  • The Mole People
  • Teenagers From Outer Space (aren’t they all?)
  • Them
  • Thing From Another World, The
  • War Of The Worlds (1952)
  • When Worlds Collide

And then I should be ready for bed by the time all those end.


But I did get a lot done in my room. Cabinets are back up on the wall. CD/DVD’s are back in the holders. Shelves are almost full of the stuff they were full of before. Curtain rods are back in. (Still need SWMBO to adjust the curtains though.)

And I managed to still get my usual chores done. And I’m making myself pseudo-BBQ Pork Chops (nobody tell the Muslims), Mashed Taters, & Corn (yeah, I know. Two starches) for dinner. I may even save some for that lovely young lady I married.

Talked to my friend down in California on 14.342 using the 6BTV antenna. Worked pretty good for not having any radials on the thing. That’s why I tend to take it along when we go on trips and I take my radio. It just works. Probably one of the best $100 I’ve ever spent.


SWMBO texted me to pick her up. Late. She didn’t know her Son wasn’t going to make it until she got to Bremerton. Ah well. I don’t mind. At all. Just gives me more time with her. So she had me stop at Rite-Aid on the way home. Cool.

And that’s about it for now. I lead a very un-remarkable life. And I only made it to “Them.”

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