Straight Up: I Like Having Three Monitors!

I’ve had two monitors forever. The Hanns-G & AOC monitors have been working just fine for me. Bought this 32” TV/Monitor last month at Walmart’s mostly for the HDMI input (2 of them!) and cause I wanted a flat panel tv to (hang on the wall out of the way) watch the news on. Well, that HDMI is working great! Movies look really great on it. I have something going on it all the time while I ‘m still doing “stuff” on my other monitors. Glad I got it and the new video card. Spendy (for an old retired guy on Social Security) but worth it.


And I’ve mounted the Hanns-G on the wall (center), the 32” up off the desk (left), and the AOC off to the side (right).  Now if I could get Windows 7 to put a different background on each monitor instead of the same one on them all. I supposed there’s a program out there that’ll do that; but do I really want to load something else in memory? Not really.


Pretty normal Saturday around here. No MCARC meeting; and I got a couple of e-mails from folks that had showed up at the meeting place that said they wish they’d read the website beforehand. I keep telling them…


SWMBO showed up from the Genealogy Library and took me to dinner at Casper’s here in town. Great pizza but really spendy. Then we made our usual stop at Safeway and was home by 1730. Short date day. She has a quilt on her wall that she just has to finish by tomorrow. She’ll be up half the night.

And that’s pretty much it from the land of holy shit this is boring! Think I’ll watch “Guardians of the Galaxy” and hit the rack.

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