Tried To Stay Off My Lazy Ass Today

We’ll see how that turns out. In the meantime, here is a picture I took last night. Not really good but I’m still learning this camera.


So, I got all my usual chores done. Straightened up the shelves in the Pantry some. Put my old tool box in the back of the truck for safe keeping. Supposed to be someone coming by after 1830 to take a look at it. Won’t hold my breath since they didn’t ask for the address. Put a couple of battery-powered LED light thingies in various places in the garage so you don’t have to walk into a dark space. (I know. I could just turn on the overhead light, BUT, it’s not a very good/bright light that I haven’t replaced yet.)

I’d like to get my Dad’s old call sign, AB5IW, but I get a lot of conflicting information from different folks. According to what I’ve read, I’d have to be an “Extra” class Amateur to get the 2×2 designation. “The Guys” keep telling me I can get any “vanity” call sign I want. Tried to log in to the FCC site but forgot my password and have to ask for a reset. Soon as I get that I’ll ask them. Of course, it’s not like the FCC is up to date or anything; they’re still listing the “Advanced” Class and that hasn’t existed for awhile.


And that, again, is it for today. Got so busy doing “things” that I’ve run out of time.

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