Well. Will Wonders Never Cease?

I did wake up with a minor headache this morning. But it was just a headache; not a migraine. Thank goodness! Got just a bit worse in the afternoon but not for long. Thank goodness! Beginning to think I ought to live in Arizona or someplace like that.


Who am I kidding? I’ve been thinking I ought to live in Arizona since I was a kid. Although, this Winter here hasn’t been overly cold this year. Kind of wet at times. No low-land snow though. Damned little mountain snow so far.

Not much going on. Kind of wet out so I haven’t been outside except to get mail. Did just a little work on the molding that I have to put in my room. Not much though cause any measurement I make when I have a headache will be 1/4 inch off. So I’ll wait until I’m bright-eyed and bushy-tailed before attempting to actually cut it.


MCARC 2-meter Wednesday Chat Net last night went well. Had 7 check-ins. I’m going to buy a Boefeng radio from one of the guys.

Thinking of going to the NMARES meeting at 1900 tonight for a few minutes before I have to go pick SWMBO up. Haven’t been to one of their meetings in over a year; I think. It’s really not much of a “Club” and I wasn’t able to change it during my term as President. Those other guys just don’t seem to be interested. Ah well.


Picked SWMBO up. She’s fed and relaxing. I’m about to hit the rack. Again.

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