Don’t Really Feel Like Posting.

Ok. Somehow I broke my blog. Changed something while playing with the EasyPal directory and I could not fix it. So, I’m re-installing and rebuilding. Which is probably a good thing cause you know how things get when you’ve just let them set awhile. Keeps my mind young too! So, re-building and decided to just delete all the pictures prior to 2013; so you may not see a picture if it’s from before that. Live with it. I needed the room on my server. Or, when I get everything done that I want to do I may put them back. If I can get them to work. So here’s my post from yesterday:

But… I have a cold. Or, I should say, I have all the symptoms of having a Cold. Felt drained all day. Nose drained all day. Still feeling kind of Blah. And the left side of my head figured it was time to ache most of the day. Probably because the right side ached for two days. Go figure!

Did manage to make a run to the RV place in Silverdale and spend way too much on a Brake Controller. Got home, looked up how to install the danged thing on YouTube, and, 5 minutes later it was plugged in and ready to go. Of course, it took me another 15 minutes to install the holder on the lower dash; but I eventually got that done too. Man, I did not want to drill two holes in my new trucks dash! That’s what took most of the time to install the controller.

Other than that SSDD around here. Did get to sit out in the sun until it just got too cold and windy. But most of my time was spent just veg’ing. Got up enough gumption to fix myself some shrimp and bakes for dinner.

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