Ok. Doing Much Better Today

Man, my head hurt yesterday. Not a migraine, but a sharp pain up the right side of my head that was debilitating of itself. Kinda sorta went away around 0100 enough for me to get to sleep (as long as I didn’t lay on my right side), but didn’t completely disappear until 1300 or so today. Has made my day rather laid back to say the least.


Anywho, SWMBO and I contracted to buy the trailer yesterday and will take delivery Saturday. They’re going to give us a 2-3 hour orientation/class before we just hook up and head out. I’ve spent most of today researching my truck and it’s capabilities. It’ll tow up to 11k pounds, so that’s no problem Where we’re running into “difficulties” is: I have trailer brakes, but no controller. So I need to get the controller installed . Waiting on word now on whether my truck is pre-wired or not. If not, that’ll be about $100 more to install. But, either way, I need to get the controller installed before hooking up the new trailer.


But, since my truck is already installed with something called Trailer Sway Control, done through the brakes, do I really needed to buy the sway control thingie for the hitch? Probably, but it’s got me wondering.

And, the credit company won’t finance for 10 years unless the total amount is over $20k; so we need to “spend” about $300 more to get the lower payment. NO PROB! Let’s start with that 2kw generator ($1400 on sale so this ain’t happening!), hoses, special easily dissolved toilet paper, dishes, bedding, and go from there!


Already have some ideas about where/how to mount my radio and run the power and antenna wires. What type of antenna(‘s) to go with and how to mount it. (I’m kind of thinking Hamsticks.) Where to set up my laptop.

So, once the headache went away, the rest of my day was fairly normal. Spent a lot of time online looking stuff up. Got my usual chores done. Still have lots to do tomorrow. Did get to pick SWMBO up though, so that was good. I like being with her.

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