Welcome To My Monday!

Which, so far, has been like every other Monday since we moved to this house. I’m so bored I’d make a dump run except the dump is closed on Monday’s. Oh, I did microwave my lunch in the new Caravan; works just fine. Seems more powerful than the microwave in the house.


Had a bastard of a headache throughout the night. Back of my head felt like somebody hit me with a ball-peen hammer or something. Woke me up around 0230 and was so bad I went to the freezer and got my frozen rice pad thingie. That provided enough relief I went back to sleep fairly quickly. Glad it was totally gone when I woke up (late) this morning! I didn’t get to smooch SWMBO bye.


Just not much going on. Nice out so me and the Dog went for a walk. Neighbor dogs tried coming on our place and barking/growling at me but we didn’t pay them any attention. I cannot stand our neighbors.

New hard drive for SWMBO’s friends laptop came in. Got it installed and all the tests on it come up normal. But the damned HP restore discs error out every time. Cannot figure out why. All the hardware tests pass and I was able to install Windows 7 and Linux Mint 17 but even that didn’t help. Looking it up online has been disappointing; none of the “fixes” really fix anything.


Going to meet SWMBO at Safeway later to get the shopping we didn’t get to do Saturday done. She’d probably save $40 if she did it without me!

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