Well, We Did It.

I got up at the usual time for a Monday. Got SWMBO up around 0900 and we got on the road to Fife to look at RV Trailers. Nice ride and really not that much traffic even if it is a Holiday. Lots of people still had to get to work.


Spent a couple hours visiting RV Dealers and walking through trailers. Nice day for it too. Didn’t see any R-Pods at all; but did see a lot of nice trailers. At Tacoma RV we put a down payment on a 2015 Keystone RV Springdale 202QBWE RV Trailer. It’s nice. On sale for $14,995. Payments of $186 even after adding the “extra” stuff (Teflon coating on everything, anti-sway thingie, etc.)


Not much else going on. We’re home. Headache. Doesn’t feel like a migraine except the right side of my head is pounding. I’m gonna go lay down.

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