Just Not A Lot Going On Around Here

I accidently dropped a Cheez-It on the floor while sitting at my desk watching “Interstellar” and “straightening things up on my hard drive” while surfing the Web for video camera’s. I purposely left it on the floor for longer than 5 seconds before picking it up and eating it. Now I’m gonna die from all those “extra” germs that wouldn’t have been on it if I had picked it up before the 5 second time limit. Occasionally, one has to take chances. Live like there’s no tomorrow.


Weather was absolutely beautiful yesterday, over 80 degrees where I was, but I developed a headache around 0900 that lasted all damned day. Yeah, I laid out in the sun, but really didn’t (couldn’t) enjoy it. Even freezing my head didn’t help this time. Sucks! Went away sometime after I went to sleep last night; which was good.

Not much going on so far today. Waiting to take our Renter to the dump. To drop off his garbage, not drop him off. He’s a good renter.


So, we did that. Checked mail. Watered the plants and garden. Took the Dog for a tour of the back-40. Stood out talking with Kirk and trying to figure out how I’m going to move one of my antenna wires so I can put a gravel road around the back yard to pull the Caravan through to it’s final parking place. Figuring out what I’m going to be moving to put a new decorative wall in the back yard without getting in the way of the Caravan pulling in. Gotta move the garden up to the other back yard. (Which I was going to do anyway for the afternoon sunshine.)


SWMBO took me to Target (to buy a pad for my lounger), Home Depot (to check on decorative stone prices: $171/pallet of 40 Plus $80 delivery), Wok On Fire (for dinner), Rite Aid (to look for playing cards and Scrabble (too expensive!)), Toys R Us (where we got the games and a Cribbage board for half the price Rite Aid wanted), our usual stop at Safeway ($170 later), then on home for the night.

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