давайте все раздеться!

fsx1cSupposed to be another hot one today! Yay! I really wish there was a way to store up all this Solar Energy (the heat really) and use it during Winter. Then, on one of those particularly dreary, wet, cold winter days you could just pop the top on a can of Sunshine & Warm Wx and go for it. If someone would get off their ass and invent transparent aluminum dome’s would be a good thing too.

French04Windows 10 is rolling out today. I’m really up in the air about “upgrading” or not. I do not like giving MS as much control over my computer as they want with Windows 10. Read the EULA. Besides, mostly, Windows 7 is doing almost exactly what I want it to do. Still, if I could figure out how to get Linux to run all 3 of my monitors I’d switch over in a heart beat.

Having a bit of a problem with that. I’ve already broken Linux Mint 3 times trying to get it to drive all 3 monitors. Got it to put the exact same desktop on them once; then it crashed at the next reboot. And every reboot after that. But I’m still going to play with it. I figure I can always run any Windows program I think I really need in Play-On-Linux and WINE. Probably.

My thermometer says 100 right now. It feels like 100 out there. I like it! Been for several walks around the back 40. Been relaxing on the front steps between doing other things outside. Of course, the News folks are going bug-fuck crazy covering the heat. You’d think civilization as we know it is coming to an end. (Oh, wait. Already happened and Seattle leads the way!)

2014-09-24_69bMade a run to the Naval Hospital and picked up my Meds refill. It was a nice drive actually. Turns out I worked the NavHosp Photo Lab (a damned long time ago) with the lady that was behind the glass at the pickup. Cool! No, I didn’t recognize her; she recognized me. Still cool.

Cloned my Windows partition just in case I decide to go with Windows 10. And if I decide I just don’t like it. And if I can’t get Linux (whatever version I finally wind up with) to work with my monitors. Clonezilla seems to work pretty good.

MCARC 2-meter Wednesday Evening Chat Net went well. The new antenna (I built) received just great. Clear as a bell, as they say. Man it was nice! BUT, they couldn’t hear me worth beans. Crap! So I switched back to the old antenna; and it worked great. I’ll tell you, there is just no telling when it comes to radio signals.

Anywho, that’s about it for tonight. Not a lot going on. SWMBO loved the chied fricken I made for dinner. I like it when she enjoys the meals I make. (They happen so rarely now-a-days!)

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