I *NEED* To Be Rich!

Mail Run. Regular Chores. Just enjoying this hot day! It’s nice to be able to take off all my clothes and go for a walk. I can walk about 1/2 mile around my property without seeing anyone (meaning neighbors). I’ve even let Alders grow between me and the neighbors (but that’s mostly because I can’t stand them and don’t want to see them anyway). I like this property, and, if it weren’t in the crappy State of WaRshington it would be fairly perfect. (Need fewer neighbors too.)


There’s 360 acres to the East of Bend, Oregon that I’d love to get. (Don’t let me win the lotto!) It’s wide open, fairly flat, and not a lot of trees, but I’d buy it in a heartbeat. Build a house right smack dab in the middle, plant trees for SWMBO, and leave the rest as is. Put a “Clothes Optional: If You Don’t Like It Turn Around” sign next to the driveway opening. Build a dome home with a tower for my radio room. Maybe a tower with SWMBO’s sewing room as the 3nd floor and my radio room on the fourth. Hot Tub/Sun deck on top, of course. Lot’s of triple paned insulated windows for the view.

Ah, I need to be 25 years younger. (And 75 pounds lighter; but we won’t go there.)


I get to pick SWMBO up tonight and for the next couple of days. Her son has a job in Ocean Shores that’ll last a couple of days. For some reason he took her car; which is now parked at his work place while he takes the company van.  Meanwhile, if we needed her car for some reason we’re just shit out of luck. He also left his truck parked in the way and didn’t leave me the keys to move the damned thing. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t do this shit on purpose, at least I hope he doesn’t, but it’s damned annoying anyway.

The MCARC 2-meter Wednesday Evening Chat Net went well with 8 check-ins. Gave a Field Day report. Reported that I talked to NC7V & AC7VA on 20-meters today.


Supposedly there’s someone coming over to buy the through-wall-window air conditioner I have for sale. You can’t find them on any store shelves since this “heat wave” started. Seems there’d be more demand for the one I have. Hmmm …

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