Got My Oil Changed This Morning

Well, not my oil. The Truck’s oil. About time too. Danged info box thingie said I had only 46% oil life left. How they figure that, I don’t know. But, the oil changes have been free (except for buying a really expensive truck) so I don’t care how they figure that out. That may change when I have to start paying for oil changes though (and I have only 1 free oil change left). My last truck the oil got changed every year (or two) and it lasted 10 years. (Was still in pretty good shape when I traded it in too.)

Guy at the Service Department says my Cabin Air Filter is getting kind of dirty. (I live down a dirt road.) And the Engine Air Filter is getting kind of dirty. (I still live down a dirt road.) Give me another year and I’ll take care of that right away.

Not much else going on. Supposed to get up to around 80 degrees today so the Dog and I will probably take all our clothes off and wash the truck. Gotta get the smashed bugs from 5 States off the front and windshield!


Started moving the 2-meter antenna to the corner of the house. What fun! Tomorrow (or soon) I’ll make sure it’s straight up and set it in cement. Then to buy another 11 foot pole so I can run this thing up higher. If that doesn’t work then I don’t know. Seems 40 feet up would be enough to hit the MCARC repeater in Shelton with a great signal. If not, I may need to buy/make a new antenna. Club President should keep in touch, you know.


Picked SWMBO up at the bus stop this evening. She’s lookin’ good! Not much else going on. Watching “Knowing” and just messing around until bedtime. MCARC meeting tomorrow so I get to get up early on Saturday. (But I’d be awake by 0600 anyway.)

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