Sat Out In The Sun For Awhile Today!

When it wasn’t cloudy, that is. Being directly in the Sunshine it was warm and nice. If the breeze hadn’t been just a bit too cool it would have been a take-all-your-clothes-off afternoon. Unfortunately it didn’t last too long. Suppose I should get used to crappy Wx for a few months.


Got out of the house awhile by going to one Credit Union and taking all the money out of my savings and taking it to another Credit Union to make a Truck payment. So the first payment on the new loan is in and done. Now to set up BillPay on the 1st and future payments should get in about 20 days early. (I really hate being late with any payments!) Think I’ll do this for about a year, and, if the interest rates don’t go up much, see if they’d be interested in refinancing the Caravan. Wouldn’t mind having all my loans in one place.


Not much else going on today. Been “playing” with the “Server” I’m trying to learn to set up. Tried installing a program called “Mediatomb,” which seems to install, but it won’t do anything when I click on the menu entry. Opens a browser but can’t find what it’s looking for. I don’t know why.


So I installed “XBMC” but couldn’t really tell you why except that this machine is for playing. That works so well I’m thinking of installing it on my desktop just for the ability to stop having to smb:// my NAS drives. Still looking into how to make a Media Server of some type so everyone in the house can watch movies/tv anywhere in the house.

And I’m still having trouble joining my Linux machine to our Windows network. Which is slightly strange as our NAS’ are powered by a version of Linux. Is learning new things supposed to keep me young, or wear me down with frustration?

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