Busy. Busy. Busy. Busy.

Well, not yesterday. Day Before Yesterday I was busy. (Voice Overs on the USS Turner Joy.) Today I was busy. But not yesterday. Yesterday was pretty much a normal SSDD Wednesday around here. Even the MCARC 2-meter Wednesday Chat Net was pretty much SSDD.


Today, however, I was busy again. Went over to W7FBI’s (Lee), along with AC7GC (Bill), and put a multi-band antenna of some kind up on his roof. Yes, this Old Guy was on another roof. Again. Took most of the afternoon but we got it done. (And I forgot my dang hat on the ground next to Lee’s house. Damn!)


Been looking at the Buffalo LinkStation 441 on Amazon to get for our Movie/TV drives. Time to replace the old NAS’ we have and get something that’ll handle the larger drives. I’ve about maxed the DLink NAS’ we’ve had for the past 7 years. (They’re built for 500G drives and I have 2 2-TB drives in each. Not sure if I can go any higher and have them continue to work.)

So SWMBO and I are working out a “deal” for this Christmas: Instead of us buying each other a spendy present, I’m going to buy the Buffalo LinkStation ($220 or so) and she’s going to buy 2 4-TB drives for it. I’ll buy the other two drives after the first of the year. That’ll bring us up to the 16-TB limit of the things and should last us awhile. Click the link and go check it out.

Star Trek Consititution class comparison

And that’s about it again. Feeling kind of tired from climbing up on Lee’s roof a couple of times so I just may  go lay down and read early.

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