A Whole Lot Of Nothing Going On!

Which pretty much included yesterday even though we actually traveled over 300 miles. In one day. For naught. Mostly.

Got my Lovely-Young-Bride of almost 30 years up early Friday, her birthday btw, and we were out of the house by 0700 to go for a “day trip” to the John Day Fossil Beds in Oregon. Didn’t quite make it. After driving for 5 hours (counting the quick stop for breakfast at a nice little restaurant along the highway) we were only in The Dalles. Looked like another 3 hours or so to get to the Fossil Beds, so we decided to head to the Washington Coast (maybe).

Crossed the river (on a bridge!) and took that highway on the North side of the Columbia River back to I-5. Nice ride! Pretty! And was nice to finally see that landscape up close instead of from across the river.

Got back to I-5 and headed north. Took the Kelso exit and got through Kelso when we saw a sign that said we still had 75 miles to go to get to the coast. Ugh! It’s was already 1500 and would be completely dark by the time we even got there!

So we turned around and headed home. Stopped at another roadside restaurant for dinner (GOOD chili burger!). Got home about 1900 and just settled in for the evening.

Even though we didn’t actually get to our destination I still had a great time. Great scenery. Open skies. SWMBO in the seat beside me! Even though my ass was sore from all that sitting it was still a really nice trip. I do enjoy being with her whatever we’re doing.

Today she didn’t have the Genealogy Library but spent some time at her favorite yarn shop outside Allyn. After, she took me to Arby’s for dinner and COSTCO for some stuff we need. Which included 4 5TB hard drives (@ $119 each) for the new NAS. After our usual Safeway stop we be back home.

Drives are already out of their holders and in the NAS and are being formatted as we speak. Raid 5 config should still give us 15 TB to play with. I’ll let y’all know how that goes.

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