What A Lovely, Rainy, Day.

Which started out even earlier for me since I had to be at the Doctor’s @ 0800. In Bremerton. So I left the house at around 0615 and went the back way (yes, took the back roads through the middle of the peninsula) and got to Bremerton in enough time to stop and grab some breakfast.


Doctor’s appointment went well. Always nice to see him. Everything’s in fairly decent working order. All my Labs are “normal” for a guy my age. Blood pressure is still a bit high; but we’re working on it. I let him put some drops of liquid nitrogen on a couple of things hanging off me I’ve been meaning to get removed. Also got flu and Pneumovax shots (again, cause I’m old). He didn’t do the ol’ “fingerwave” but did start the process for me to get the full colonoscopy. So I had to wait at the Pharmacy (again) while they filled that Rx. Joy!


Not much else going on today. Regular chores are done. Kicked the Dog around for awhile (which he loves). Watching it rain outside so I think I’ll work on straightening up the basement some more.


So I took the Dog for a tour of the back 40 between the raindrops. It’s Wet Back There! Limbs down all over the place. I need to take that walk again with a pair of snips to cut back some of the brush and brambles trying to take over the path. And those damned blackberry bushes! Picked what will probably be the last of the cherry tomato’s on the way back in. Surprised they produced this long.

Talked with NC7V down Vista, CA way on 14.342 for awhile this afternoon. Other than that really just been monitoring the frequencies. The 2-meter repeaters haven’t been as busy today as they’ve been the past few; what with the “storms” and wind we had around here.


That’s it. The Pandorica has opened and the Big Bang II is about to commence.

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