Can’t Pass A Stupid Law? Regulate It!

Which is what the FAA has just done to all American Drone Owners. Not being able to pass a (stupid) LAW, they pressed the “Let’s regulate it” button. And, not only are they forcing us to “register” our drones, but they want us to pay for it. Dipshits. Well, the FAA can kiss my pale, old, Ass. I fly on my property well below 400 feet and “they” can just plain kiss my ass. (I’m all for prosecuting those that endanger other’s through their own stupid actions, but, I don’t agree that ALL people should be punished for the Darwinian few.)


Do we have, or can we DO, anything that’s not regulated in one form or another? And we let them get away with it! Damn, I’m sick of our Government. Sick of other people telling me what I can and cannot do even when I’m by myself. Sick of other people telling me what to not/do for my protection.

Hell, We can’t even “speak our minds” anymore. Not even allowed to look someone like Obama, Clinton, Biden, (and a whole host of others) in the eye and say: “You, sir, are a fucking idiot!” (Yes, I included HRC cause she’s got really big balls to stay in the public eye after all the lies she’s told.) You can bash Baptists all damned day, but, God forbid you should say anything bad about the POS Muslims. The “thought Police” are watching your every post, unless you’re a potential terrorist.


Aaaah! The FAA really got me started tonight. But mostly I’ve hit the breaking point with “regulations.” Especially from folks I never voted into office. Especially to folks I never met and never willingly gave control over anything in my life to. Dipshidiots!

Took the Dog to the Vet early this morning. He had an appointment. His ear infections just aren’t clearing up. Turns out he has a different type of bacterial infection than he had earlier. $170 bucks and two hours later we be home. I need to give him another flea-bath too. Dork!


Other than that: SSDD. Yesterday? SSDD. Tomorrow? Probably SSDD. Did get to pick SWMBO up at the Ferry Landing. That’s always fun.

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