Hey! We Got About 3 Inches Of Snow!

More than we’ve gotten over the past 4-5 years added up. Cool! Started about 0930 this morning and it’s still going at 1545. It’s tapered off quite a lot in the past hour; but is still falling. Now, if it doesn’t start raining (which I expect it to) I may have to take SWMBO to the Ferry Landing in the morning. Good thing I have a 4wd truck!


And, so far, I’ve lost only one antenna wire. All of them are heavily coated with snow and hanging real low though. Especially the ladder line antenna. I should probably put my shoes on, go out, and thump them to clear them off. Probably.


Not much else going on. Pretty usual Sunday around here. Church let folks out early so SWMBO’s been home since about 1130. She made spaghetti for an early dinner. I’m “playing” on my computer and getting my usual Sunday Chores done. Trying to get Linux Mint to connect to my phone and tablet (but it really doesn’t want to).


Starting to snow harder and bigger flakes too. Cool. I really have lived up here too long if I’d rather snow than rain. And I’d rather snow than rain anytime. Except during the summer. And, it looks like I’ll be right as far as left-over snow is concerned. Just after dark what was falling was more rain than snow. Getting pretty slushy out there. We’ll see, of course.

The MCARC 2-meter Sunday Evening Chat Net went well. Everybody was coming in pretty well tonight. Signals must be bouncing off the snow or something.

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