Other Than That: SSDD Tuesday

Ordered a Quilt Kit from KeepsakeQuilting.com back on Dec 8th; figured ordering early would, pretty much, guarantee it being here by Christmas. Was looking forward to the look on SWMBO’s face for a) ordering something she had mentioned that she’d like, and, b) actually listening to her about something she’d like.


Notice I said “Was.” After 10 days of not hearing anything about my order being shipped, I sent an e-mail off to their Customer Support asking about it. TODAY, Dec 22nd, I get an email back asking if I could call because there had been a “problem” with my order.

Now, the way I look at it: The “problem;” Their fault, My fault, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that the company waited until I contacted them before identifying a “problem,” and by the time a “problem” was identified it was too late (without me paying extra for timely delivery) for the present to get to me before Christmas Day. Which is why I ordered it on Dec 8th in the first place.


So, no, I’m not gong to call. Just cancel the order (that was never actually made) and I’ll take my business someplace else. Probably Jo Ann’s Fabrics. Hate to do it but I know she’ll like whatever I get there. Don’t get me wrong: Jo Ann’s is great! I just hate to fall back to the Old Stand-By. (If you know what I mean.)

Not much else going on today. Made a trip to Les Schwab to buy a gift card for SWMBO for her Son; but the card she wanted me to use was expired. Hate that. She’s going to find the newer card for me this evening and I get to go again tomorrow. Joy.

Had planned to be a lot busier today than I got to be. Did get a chance to take the Dog out and cut some bushes that have been growing where they weren’t supposed to be. It’s still really wet out there! Way Wet.


So I made baked Tilapia lightly coated with peppercorn & butter, Norway style veggies, and All-Rotten taters for dinner. Like I need to make myself fatter! But it was good!

And that’s about it. We be home from picking her up at the Ferry Landing. Wx still sucks out there. Getting cold but not cold enough to snow. I’m gonna go lay down and read.

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