Some People Binge Watch TV

chl4aI binge read. Whole series. Which I’ve been doing since I downloaded and read Destroyer #1. A month later I’m up to #17. At $2.99 each. Yeah, I have the first 117 (or so) in the original paperbacks I started buying way back in 1972, but, I’m pretty much switching over to electronic books so I’ve been re-buying them. Guess I don’t love books as much as I love the printed word.

Don’t remember if I’ve been busy or not the past couple of days. Been outside raking rocks and stuff when I can. Hell, been outside when I can.

Yesterday, SWMBO took me to Arby’s for dinner yesterday. Made a stop at Home Depot (looking for a picnic table) and wound up buying a belt sander. Quick stop at COSTCO (looking at a new chair and found an affordable picnic table) and picked up some “stuff.” Our usual stop at Safeway on the way home.


The new BTech radio is working well. Got the new 50 ft of coax cable in yesterday so sometime soon I’ll be moving my antenna. Maybe that’ll get me better signals. Maybe not. All I can do is try and see. (Or hear, as it were.)

walk3cToday I made pot roast & taters & veggies for dinner to give my lovely-young bride (of almost 30 years) a break from cooking Sunday Supper. Meat turned out tougher than I expected but tasted good. Cooked the taters whole in the same pot (at the same time) and those tasted great!

Other than that: Not a thing going on. MCARC 2-meter Sunday Evening Chat Net went well with about 8 check-ins. That’s good. Even my signal went out okay tonight! Will wonders never cease?!

Anywho, that’s it. Even I’m tired of boring y’all tonight. (But don’t expect that to last too long!)

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