Ah. Back To Normal. (For Here.)

Not a whole hell of a lot going on today. Which is okay with me. Sprinkling outside (which is WAY better than sprinkling inside) so not getting out much. The Usual routine for Saturday. SWMBO is at the Genealogy Library and she gets to choose where we eat on our date. Way cool!

Drove nails at the corners where I need to cut the wallboard out in the closet. Now I’m trying to find my chalk-line thingie to mark where to cut. Can’t find it. Hell, it’s been only 10-12 years since I last used it. I should know exactly where the damned thing is. (Think I’m gonna have to buy a new one.)

Well, Gee. I could be a very rich man. According to this e-mail I got, Mr. John Leez from Sao tome and Principe is dieing of esophageal cancer and needs someone’s help giving the rest of his money (2 million euros) to different charities. Cool!

AND Mark Zukerberg, of Facebook, tells me that my profile has won $2 million UNITED STATES dollars and all I have to do is return my e-mail address and phone number. Holy Shit! If only my name were Dear Customer.

Who writes these things? You’d think they’d get smart and spend the $50 on a down and out American (or someone who knew American English) to at least check for spelling & syntax errors. Dipshidiots.

SWMBO took me to Family Pancake House for dinner. She had pancakes. I had the taco salad. Still have about half of it cause it was huge!

Made a quick stop at Jo Ann’s Fabrics for some fleece and a pattern. Stopped at ACE hardware for one of those chalk string things. Made our usual stop at Safeway.

Talked my 80 year old Uncle through getting on Skype. He loves it! Kept us on the phone almost an hour. Says he’s going to get all his friends to use it. Cool.

And that’s really about all there is for tonight. Bedtime in about an hour so I think I’ll just chill until then. Heck, if I were really lazy I’d just go lay down and read early. Not a whole lot going on anyway.

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