How To Put This Delicately?

Yesterday was fairly nice so I spent as much time outside as I could. (Y’all just might as well get used to that.) Playing with antennas and getting “outside” stuff done. Was fun. Even managed to take the Dog for a walk of the back 40. Cool!


Anywho, for lunch I had this “chili” something hot-pocket. It was okay but nothing to write home about. For dinner I had shrimp stir-fry, which had a butt-ton of broccoli in it. Well, needless to say, around 1900 I was feeling rather, shall we say, gassy. Bloaty. Almost achy.


And, about that same time, you guessed it, I started farting. Not your run of the mill farts either. Smelly farts. SM-EL-LY! Take a road-kill skunk, shove it up your ass, let it fermint for a couple of days, and sniff the results. Phew! The inside of all the windows have blistered over. Pain’t peeling off the ceiling. Neighbor lady 3 houses down the road was gagging and she wasn’t even having sex.


So bad that SWMBO insisted that I sleep on the couch. In Maine somewhere. And since I’ve been lucky enough to co-habitate with her for these past 30 years and always do my best to accomodate her requests, I did. The foot long butcher knife she was waving around had nothing to do with my decision! If she’s happy, I’m happy, and I still have my balls. (She slept with the knife just in case. I checked.)

Today was a pretty nice day too; much warmer than yesterday. So I spent it (guess) outside! Not all day cause I had things inside to get done; but mostly outside today. Made myself some fried fish for dinner and had some of the tater salad and BBQ beans left over from Sunday dinner. Tasty.


That 5-tb drive I slammed over the other day is toast. Cannot get it to let me read anything from it. I’ve tried all the utilities I have, different computers & external connections and all it wants to do is click, click, click, click. Damn!


So it’ll get taken apart and the platters will go in the box where the other platters I’ve collected are. Going to make a reflecting telescope out of them. Why not? The surfaces of the platters are almost perfect. Should reflect light fairly well. Hooking the to the satellite dish is going to be the hard part.

MCARC 10-meter Net went well even though only 4 of us checked in. 10-meters is squirrley around here.

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