Holy Crap I’m A Boring Poster!

bwb04aJust not a whole heck of a lot going on around here yesterday. The afternoon got nice and sunny and warm so me and the Dog spent as much time out there as possible. Was still out there when SWMBO got home from work. (Dang! I like her getting home “one time!)

Today was  a day, for sure. Had to make a run to the Field Day site just North of Shelton to check that the gate was, in fact, closed and locked. Luckily for AE7VG, who needed to borrow the tennis ball gun, we managed to do that at the same time. Was a nice ride there and back.

bwb05aBut it really didn’t get sunny and warm until after 1400. Way after 1400. Nice when it did though.

Yeah, I know this is borning as shit; you don’t have to tell me. But, one day, way in the future, someone will stumble on an archive copy of all this and think “This is cool! But this guy was boring as shit drying in the sun.” So don’t sweat it. I mentioned a long time ago that I’m just an ordinary Old Guy American trying to live the American Dream on limited finances.

And SWMBO is home on time again. Man, I could get used to that!

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