Nice Outside Again. I Could Get Used To This!

Groucho02bNice couple of days, Wx wise. So nice yesterday I got out and mowed my neighbors yard. That’s the neighbor I like; not those I don’t like. He’s been gone for over a year, and I think he has someone that comes by to check his place and mow every so often, but they haven’t been around in awhile. Place was looking not lived in. It’s what you do to help neighbors. (Those that you like anyway. But not the neighbors-from-Hell out back.)


Did a bunch of other “stuff” too; just can’t remember what.

Today, I moved the caravan and took the whack-weeder to all the stuff that was growing up underneath it. That took awhile since it’s been awhile. Tried to start the rider-mower but the battery was/is dead. Think I forgot to turn it all the way off yesterday. My bad. I’m old. Good thing I have a 6-volt battery charger. (Which didn’t work, btw. Need to get my other charger back from out Renter.)


Started putting together another raised bed planter. Need one more cinder block in the size I’m using now to finish a 3rd. The rest will be built out of the stack of larger cinder blocks I have. Which means I’ll have to rebuild the forms. Which means I need some more 3” x 8’ boards to make new ends. Damn.

Took the Dog for a tour of the back 40. Nice out there. I really do enjoy us taking all our clothes off and going for a walk! I’ve never liked clothes though.


Anywho, the MCARC Wednesday Evening Chat Net is coming up shortly and I ought to check in to that. (It went well. Not a lot of people checked in though.)

And that’s my day. Exciting, I know.

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