I Godta Code In My Doze. Noze.

If you think snot-bubbles in an infant is gross, you really didn’t want to see me at Walmart yesterday! Ugh! I don’t know where I caught it, but, yesterday morning my nose started running and just wouldn’t stop. Even got some congestion and post-nasal crap that was kicking my butt.

2016-07-17 12.56.50

But, I went to dinner with the Love Of My Life at the all you can eat chinese place in Port Orchard, where I really didn’t have that much to eat cause it was all pretty tasteless. It all must have been okay though cause SWMBO seemed to enjoy it.

Betty03aBetty04aMade the mistake of taking a swig of that Dayquil stuff; kept me awake until almost 0100 this morning. And when I finally got up today my nose was still running. Seems to have quit by 1500 though; so that’s good.

Otherwise, our date went well; if not the “usual.” For us that is. Walmart I started with the snot-bubble’s so I went out and waited in the truck for SWMBO to finish shopping. Got home and just chilled. Literally.


Not doing a whole heck of a lot today. SWMBO made fried chicken for dinner that was pretty good. At least I’m tasting things again. SWMBO bought Seasons 1-4 of Criminal Minds yesterday and I’ve been ripping those to convert for the TV Drive. Testing how many pictures I can scan to the 16 Gig card with that little scanner I have that we’ll be taking to the family reunion. (1900 so far with 14+ Gig remaining. I think it’ll handle the reunion.) The usual Sunday chores.

The MCARC Sunday Evening 2-meter Chat Net went well. Not a lot of check-ins, but enough. Good signals all around.

And that really is it from this boring Old Guy.

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