Ma Dawg Got Foo-Foo’d!

melissa1aBut it was time for his summer haircut. So I dropped him off at the Foo-Foo place at 0930. He didn’t want to go. He didn’t want to stay. And when I picked him up a few minutes ago, HE was leading me to the truck. He’s smater than he looks.
So I took him for a walk around the property and gave him a cookie for his troubles.
Not a whole lot going on; again. Made a trip to COSTCO in Silverdale to get SWMBO some yogurt; and they didn’t have the kind we got last time. So I got a different brand to give a try. If she doesn’t like it, I’ll eat it. Except the Peach. Purely can’t stand Peach drinks/foods. (But I like to eat fresh Peaches right off the tree. Go figure.) Deathly Hypoallergenic to that stuff.
Worked on my raised-bed planters some. Need to stop by ACE Hardware for some staple-thingies to attach the chicken wire to the uprights, but they’re mostly done. Time to buy some dirt. Past time to get something planted!
Think I’ll watch the Warehouse 13 Pilot and go to bed.

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