Today May Be The Last Lay Out Naked Day For 2016


imagwweSo the Dog and I took advantage of it as much as we could. Didn’t do too bad for the Sun not even showing until after noon. I say it may be the last for 2016 cause of the above (which really doesn’t improve much in the forseeable future) and that we’re going on vacation and won’t be back until Winter is setting in. Ah, well. Sucks.

Not a whole lot going on here either. Tractor is still sitting in the back 40 waiting for the rental folks to come pick it up. Still won’t start. So the Dog and I spent some time just walking out there and back. Occasionally jiggling the key to see if that would work. Nothing too violent though!

Started some slow cooked pulled pork around 1400 that didn’t get cooked all the way until about 1800. So I ate late. Fried up some shoestring taters to go with a couple of sandwiches. Was good.

Forgot that the Sweet Young Thing I married is going to her first Genealogy class in Gig Harbor tonight. So she won’t be home until late. Luckily, her Son is taking her there and waiting to bring her home. Otherwise I’d have to go pick her up. Which wouldn’t be a bad thing.

So, since it’s this Old Guy’s bedtime (or damned near) I think I’ll go lay down and read until she does get home.

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