Another Fabulous Sunday Night!

BWBlond006With a butt-ton of things going on! (And I’m forgetting how to type!) My Lovely-Young-Bride of almost 30 years made dinner, dishes are washing, laundry is almost done, and I’ve got Ham Radio Deluxe almost working.

DM780 still pauses after doing anything (anything!) for up to about 2 minutes; if HRD is also runniing. If HRD isn’t running, DM780 works flawlessly. Can’t conrtrol the radio, of course, but everything else works.Nice seeing some tracks on the waterfall again.

Yestereday my Schweetie took me to Arby’s in Silverdale for dinner. Then we actually walked through Home Depot and looked at a lot of stuff, making plans for things to do, and walked out without spending a dime. That’s really unusual for us. Getting out of Home Depot with money left in our pockets? Unheard of.


And that’s really it. Boring around here. Too cold to get outside much. Just the usual chores around the house. Grape Jiggler’s cooling in the fridge. I get to take SWMBO to the ferry landing in the mornings for the next two weeks. Cool!

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