Even These Old Eyes Noticed The Difference!

Yesterday was our usual Date Day. My Lovely-Young Bride took me to Sister’s Restaurant in Shelton for a chili burger. (I ordered the chili burger. She didn’t charge me a chiliburger to take me there.) Made our usual stop at Walmart for “stuff” on the way home.

btkw14aGot myself a cheapo Blu-Ray player ($36) and a couple more blu-ray movies. Nice. Gives a nice, sharp, picture even on this crappy tv/monitor I have. Watched “The Martian” and the picture was really really nice. Still don’t like changing discs though. But it’ll be nice when we get a new movie and want to watch it on the big tv we’re going to get.

Had to get an app (CLZ) for my phone & tablet that keeps track of what blu-ray movies I have so I can, maybe, stop buying duplicates. Which I’ve done. It works pretty good. Scans the barcode and pulls in a lot of information fast. I started with these folks (collectorz.com) about 10 years ago with their movie & book database’s when you had to manually enter all the info. Scanning is so much easier!

FemJoy-01-12I’m a database freak anyway. Not entering the information; but designing how the data is accessed, processed, and presented. Really liked working in dBase III a long time ago. Need to get off my ass and really learn mysql and the sql language. Could be fun!

So my Schweetie and I sat and watched “Independence Day Resurgence.” Enjoyed it, actually. Especially sitting next to SWMBO. Nice that they managed to put all the “old” actors in it in semi-important parts instead of just cameo’s.

And, that’s it. Going to, well, let’s just say that I’m gonna be busy for awhile.

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