Making The Perfect Ham And Cheese

2016-12-28 15.23.21

Butter one side of the bread and place butter side down on your hot griddle. Start the Ham to warming. Butter the unbuttered side of the bread. (Be sure not to burn yourself!) When you’re pretty sure the one side of the bread is toasted, flip it over. Put one slice of cheese on each piece of bread. Put the ham in, slap the two cheesed pieces of bread together. Let sit until both outside pieces of bread are toasted (flipping as required). Grab some BBQ Chicharrones and you got lunch!

palooka03Made a run to Home Depot for some chicken wire. Got 50 feet of the 3 ft so that should be enough for what I gotta do. Also bought another of those motion sensor led light thingies for above the back door. Nice ride there and back except for the one slick spot I hit on the way out of town.

Just got an e-mail from SWMBO that we’ve been approved for adoption of Wiz. Cool. Now to work out time and place.

And, again, not a whole lot going on. Did manage to get that new light installed but damned near froze my fingers doing it. Funny how much one needs fingers that work when handling electrical components.

Anywho, SWMBO is home and it’s about this old guy’s bedtime.

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