Thought I Had To Poop

Turns out that all I got accomplished was reading every post on my Facebook timeline. Including a couple of 5 min videos. My toes started tingling.

2016-12-23 13.43.02

Snowed again today. Cool! Got a couple of inches here at our house. I took the opportunity to burn some garbage. Kind of nice standing out there next to a roaring fire in the snow. What can I tell you; I enjoy the simple things.

2016-12-23 13.42.55

Other than that just nothing has been going on. Our Anniversary was nice. Wednesday I spent all day goofing off. Thursday I spent all day goofing off. Today, except for the trash, I spent all day goofing off. Will probably spend most of tomorrow goofing off.

In case I get busy: Merry Christmas everyone.

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